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4lyn – this heart lyrics


here is a song that i never wanted to write
but here is nothing left to defend or fight for
here is a song that i never wanted to sing
i should be in pain, i know…
but i don’t feel anything
i’m tired of wasting tears of mine
you’ve pushed my patience on the line
our past was just a blink on my knife

because this heart wasn’t ment to be broken
and if you ain’t got love for me
then i will bleed from someone else
why so complicated
when there is nothing more to say
why don’t you keep it by yourself…
by yourself

here is a secret i don’t want to give away
cuz here is nothing left to pretend or die for
here is a mask i never wanted to wear…
so i tear it off my face
to let you know what i fear
no advice from up above
my memories keep wearing off
my callousness has conquered my love