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4th disciple – intro 1 (song) lyrics


(feat. shogun -ssason)

this is key, this is one element in determining,
where we go next and determining the path forward.
this is basically not a go/no go decision
but a decision that basically moves forward.
a move forward decision.

[4th disciple, (shogun -ssason)]
back to hip hop
(this goes back to hip hop and) pop lockin
(sh-ll shockin) show stoppin (body rockin)
enter my sound chamber, wickedness finds danger
experience the mind, as we walk through chambers
(when we enflame ya, step on the dance floor and enter danger)
soundblast from the lone ranger
as b boys pose in sh-ll toes
(no laces) fat laces (name bracelets)
in a party, hundred of faces
(four finger rings and things)
now we got you in the scheme of things
[both] with the godly noise we bring