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45 grave – wax lyrics


dead like a piece of old wax,
non existing and all burned out/ thrown away and broken/ unwanted and unloved/
it’s takes all things to be like wax, useless and unwanted/ a cruel way to end/ but its essential to the way of life/ just like a piece of wax/ molded and harden, lit and extinguished with a blow/ nothing but wax.existing for the benefit of being blown out/ melt me down. / existing for the benefit of being blown out/ blown out /make the mistake. blown out
bent and lame/ how unfortunate for me/ i am just the same/ a glob, a thing/
how depressing for me to see someone as a piece of wax/ nothing left, no feeling/ waiting to die, twisted and melted… look into the flame/ waiting to die twisted and melted/ look into the flame, melt me down, make the mistake.
dead, like a piece of old wax, non-existing and all burned out, extinguish my life, melt the wax, no warmth, no light, no innocence, hey, it’s my life, melt the wax, no flame, no light, no reflection, waiting to die, just old wax… just old wax

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