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4ever1 – freedom call lyrics


there’s quiet all around me as wind whispers through the trees.
so why can’t i feel this quiet lord? why can’t i feel at ease?
it seems i’m always anxious, but for what i just don’t know.
i worry about tomorrow, and the past won’t let me go.

but i heard about the promised land, and all you have in store.
where there’s peace and rest and joy and where worry is no more.

now i’m completely calm and quiet. i feel rest and peace so strong.
could it be i finally found what i’ve been searching for so long?
with my eyes closed, i imagine it. what a bright and glorious place.
and i smile as i can see it and the tears stream down my face.

it’s funny how long and hard i tried to hear your freedom call, your freedom call.
for the land it took so long to find, wasn’t hard to find at all.

i hear your freedom call. i hear your freedom call.
by the blood of jesus christ, i have been set free.
i hear your freedom call. i hear your freedom call.

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