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4ever1 – narrow path lyrics


i’m living in a world that’s filled with hate and filled with sin, oh lord
i wonder if the final days are what we’re living in, oh lord
it’s a time when bad’s considered good; when wrong’s considered right.
they despise the name of god, oh lord, hearts of stone can’t see your light.

there’s warnings all around them, but they refuse to hear your call.
they don’t want the ten commandments. they don’t want you here at all.
a nation turned away from you will soon be turned to dust.
one nation under god, but a god that they don’t trust.

and they say that it’s their choice, oh lord, killing babies is ok.
and children go to school, oh lord, they’re not allowed to pray.
one day you will return and then the world will see you’re wrath.
i pray for every soul, oh lord, may they choose the narrow path.
i pray for every soul, oh lord, may they choose the narrow path.

men long to marry men oh lord – there’s no need to have a wife.
what happened to our morals lord? sin’s become a way of life.
the foundation of our country has now turned into sand,
and the rock that it was built upon is ignored throughout the land.

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