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4lyn – no 11 lyrics


so we got this far and you´re still wonderin´why we do sh-t in our own kinda way!!(why?why?)
first round-knock-out get da f-kk out,why can’t ya understand the way we´re actin all day?(die!die!)
call us strange,give us strait-jackets,10ton-chains won´t keep us away from what we believe,so leave!
suspension on our playground iz what u get and our rage iz what u will recieve!

twinkle,twinkle lil´ star…oh, i wonder where u are…
u can´t tell me nothing,but i can tell u anything…i can tell u everything…
(but u never get it…)
but u never get it…
but u never get it…
but u never get it…
but u never get it!!!!

yeah,what’s your problem?tell me buddy, does it feel good 2 get f-kked by everybody??
no doe 4 da brain-ticket…it´s so dumb my friend…come again mr.wicked!!!

second round-knock-out..stay da f-kk out!
u won´t understand da way we´re actin all day…(u never get it…)
all this bullsh-t makes me sikk…2 all ya punks…sukk my dikk!!!
(u never get it…)

twinkle,twinkle,little girl…a black stain in ya intact world..
all ya envy cannot reach and all this bullsh-t cannot teach me…
cannot taech me….

twinkle,twinkle,little girl…a black stain in your intact world..
all ya envious thoughts…can… never…teach…me…

number 11!!!!!

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