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5 chinese brothers – i can see lyrics


(paul foglino)

i used to live in the dark
i thought i didn’t mind
i could find my way around
cause i got used to being blind
i didn’t bother to put up a fight
cause i didn’t think i would ever get it right
then i saw the light

i can see
this is the way it’s supposed to be
i can see
and i’m looking at you looking back at me
i can see

i used to lie to myself
and i believed every word i said
i took my own advice
i was easily misled
i gave up trying a long time ago
’til you came around like a medicine show
now i know


let the good times roll
i never thought that i could
come on and roll with me now
don’t know how long i’m gonna feel this good
i never ever thought i would understand
how it feels to be a happy man
now i can