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5 chinese brothers – if i ain’t falling lyrics


paul foglino

it’s getting late and i’m getting torn
between a lonely night and an ugly morn
i don’t even know if i can hold my own
but what can i do for you?
my feet are hurting from walking on a wire
but i can’t be a lover if i won’t be a liar
i’m not too sure how it’s supposed to be
but i can’t love nothing that don’t love me

pick my feet up off the ground
no floor below and no walls around me
ain’t afraid of dying
if i ain’t falling i must be flying

you’re getting bored when you’re living fast
you can only be sure when your time is past
a well laid plan is all right if
you’re a dying man or a working stiff
i can’t keep walking in my father’s shoes
doing the sidewalk shuffle to the highway blues
if i ain’t working from sun to sun
i’m never gonna hate the things i’ve done

i’ve talked to people who say they’ve seen it all
who say that i’d only listen i would heed the call
if you think you can believe it cause you’ve seen it with your eyes

just because you ain’t burning, you think it’s paradise
faith is forever and fame is temporary
but you can’t cross the jordan on the staten island ferry
you might as well eat it if you’ve already picked it
cause you can’t ride to heaven on a round trip ticket