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50 cent – 50 bars lyrics


50 bars of pleasure 50 bars of pain
when i’m dead and gone n-gg-z gonna remember my name 50


yo black is flashy like alpo gun happy like pappy
sneaky m-th-f-cka remind me of n-gg- that clap me
he ain’t the type you shoot dice with and win dog
unless you try’na get your -ss layed out in gilmore
yes we soldiers, remind me of troy and e-bags
when they came through they hollad like “what up conrad?”
grimey n-gg-z they loved to get gully
summer time still had on black gloves and scullies
the lex 450 pulled up that’s cornbread
them n-gg-z from philly would of called him an old head
but he an og remind me of chaz and b-mp real low key
sounded like he didn’t know nothing about drama
for this money sh-t many men do trauma
switchy walked in son, this b-tch had the baddest -ss
the bulletproof gl-ss was rolled up on the s-cl-ss
heard in dc he kept mad blocks in order
picture this a young n-gg- gettin it like rich porter
sonny came in for half a pit
he got knocked, he on lock still controllin’ his spot from constop
pop pulled up in the cl5 his project changed
his man just got f-cking murked by salene
heard he got it in the range n-gg- came popped one in his brain
over some-thing took his watch and his chain
country boys off the hook down there in richmond main.
in the black 740 i sat, my hat turned back
bow down baby nelly singing my wrist blinging what!
i’m waiting on this n-gg- wise we lost for two pies
son he smokin that sh-t i can see it in his eyes
comin up wise emotions closed
an’ most buying round looking for wis-m-n toast
benny hopped out the esculade with a few thourough men from b-more
they sellin herion in maryland reverse back to diesel
killed like 4 fiends his popularity grew that only ment more cream
first it was him and his brother now he got a team
went from 5 and a half grams to living the dream
city pulled up godd-mn you know his format
bentley is all marble in the door and floor match
get the hats out the stash box popped two glocks
peace “all eyez on me” 2pac
everybody knows he a boss he still gotta floss
he on the same bullsh-t that sent gotti up north
that’s dime in the blue ts stunting like he nicky barnes
he broke but he talk like a don
homes hoppin out the jag that’s max haitin cat
kill a n-gg- quick remind me of haitian jack
i peep his style son i know his steelo, he on the d-low
he smile at n-gg-z mumbling f-ck you in creole
heard war stories bout how he maneuver with the ruger
hold the iron horizontally and send shots throug h ya
few n-gg-z tried to murk him, most them got found
some turned away try to run they in wheelchairs now
banks hopped out bulletproof this, bulletproof that
bulletproof snorkel, bulletproof hat
got out a black hummer he blew 90 on that
poppin mad sh-t like he gonna bulletproof that lets go