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50 cent – everytime i come around lyrics


[intro: 50 cent]
n-y n-y
two eye, d eye
n-y n-y
two eye, d eye

[hook: 50 cent]
i’m on its
everytime i come around, me i keep my gun around
its never on safety
i’m on it
n-gg-s know when i’m around, f-ck around its goin’ down
know its a [?]
ring around the rosies, pockets full of oz’s
n-gg-s gettin’ cake made
f-ck with the homies while i got it on me
you’ll get your [?]

[verse 1: 50 cent]
you n-gg-s ain’t seen sh-t yet, one fourth moves and i click clack
that oo wop but y’all spit that, that hard white i flip that
that bad b-tch get my d-ck wet, bet how hot can my sh-t get
boy [?] your -ss checked, got 10 mil my last check
b-tches stay where that cash at, diamonds on me i flash that
that rari’ [?] i mash that, you p-ssy n-gg-s i laugh at
that f-ck sh-t that keep f-ck n-gg-s be doin’ man i’m p-ssed that
hood n-gg- down there on wall street, my stock run across [?]
[?] time piece, ridin’ around my [?]
these broke n-gg-s so grimy, i let em’ hold the steel
i tell em’ shoot to kill, i put south side on my back
i ain’t talkin’ bout’ no check
when i’m outta town i hold it down i mean everywhere i’m at

[hook: 50 cent]

[verse 2: kidd kidd]
throw my n-gg-s crazy stupid, koo koo got a loose screw
i might get him with that two two, if my bullets went more doo doo
my b-tch come from honolulu, where they [?]
put it on a drain and shoot you, and if they dont have a [?] from it
[?] don’t know voodoo, will i show you how to shoot you
if i get caught i dont [?], i pick up the phone call [?]
he gonna bail me out in seconds, please don’t let this rap sh-t fool you
i send shooters to your home, see i don’t need know songs to move you
my gorilla goin’ oo oo, while your family could lose you
would you win a box like [?], [?] b-tch pull down your tu-tu
when the ballers gettin’ money all i know is we need [?]
speakin’ only in my rida’ gang, know what we gonna do to you

[hook: 50 cent]