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50 cent – i line niggas lyrics


i’m tryin to tell you but you won’t hear me son
the n-gg- be right there in front of them buildings
yeah n-gg-, yeah (yeah)
yeah yeah yeah n-gg-, yeah (yeah)
yeah n-gg-, yeah (yeah!)
yeah yeah yeah n-gg-, yeah [growls]

[chorus: 50 cent]
i line n-gg-z, i do my homework
i find n-gg-z, the n-gg-z that did that
they my n-gg-z, you bring that bullsh-t
’round my n-gg-z, you die, die n-gg- die!

[50 cent]
i right ’bout where your man’ll stay, my man blew your man away
did him dirty and ran away, who’s the next candidate?
get hit with the cannon ay! you lil’ n-gg-z wan’ play
we can go back and forth and pour yay
let it off, hop in the rental car, pull away smooth
put that twerk in that work and we at you with the tools
n-gg- we ain’t sellin packs no more so we ain’t on the strip
get that llama in the ‘llac strapped leanin in the whip


[50 cent]
first i find your b-tch creep, then we found a nail shop
now would you looky here, we done found your momma’s spot
it’s so easy, d-mn i’m greasy
goons don’t use auto-tune, that’s yeezy
yeah, summer now, good time to hunt you down
keep the pump around, we catch him we gon’ slump him now
timin is everything, i plot it out perfect
drop a bag off to my n-gg- just to make it worth it


[outro: 50 cent]
n-gg- whattup!
these n-gg-z think i’m playin with ’em, yeah
n-gg-z smilin and sh-t, go ‘head n-gg-!
keep thinkin i’m careful
i’ll shoot the sh-t out of these n-gg-z man
i let my n-gg-z go, watch! (i line n-gg-z)
oh my god! y’all n-gg-z know me (i line n-gg-z)
y’all wasn’t supposed to let me get this money!
now what? (i line n-gg-z)