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50 cent – intro (curtis) lyrics


[sound of a car trunk opening]
[1:] here ya go man..
[2:] jesus christ man you going to war.
[1:] what i say? didn’t i say come to me? do i ever disappoint? f-ckin’ no. why? i deliver.
why? i’m your man. how do i know? how? know? -no- know how. i got
100 things to do this morning and you’re first in line so could we move it along please.
[2:] okay. fine. right. i’m just lookin’ for something. small. light. cheap. .380, .32. somethin’ like that.
[1:] no, no, no. you want to be packin’ like a man eddy, you’re a man, man.
how ‘bout this um…6-inch 3-5-7 magnum.
[2:] yeah
[1:] automatics. browning 9-mill. now i know what you’re thinking, that’s got no stopping power.
but that’s got 13 shots in the clip man. that won’t
just kill a man, that’ll turn him inside out, pull him upside down, p-ss on him, read him last rights…
[2: (interrupting)] ok fine. yea i get the message, i’m just.. im just a bit f-ckin’ lost there.
and these are totally untraceable?
[1:] they don’t exist
[2:] what about guarantee’s
[1:] what do you think this is? guns-are-us?