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50 cent – look what you made me do lyrics


[verse 1]
now if i pull out the gat and just push your wig back
i bet n-ggas will stand around sayin’ “d-mn who did that?”
i’m the type n-gga to dare you to touch the jack
i’m the type to borrow your gat then won’t give the sh-t back
im f to the i – f -t – y – c – e – n – t
caress the -ss gently in back of bentleys
you thought she was pimpin, son i was in the hamptons
in a heart shaped hot tub with the b-tch flappin
i’m planning to take over new york then start expanding
was bob marley singing about teks when he sung “i’m jammin’?
n-gga f-ck with my cash and i’ll blast yo’ -ss
sn-tch the glock out the stash in the dash in mash
flee in a flash, lay low let time go past
if you survive the shots i’ma find yo’ -ss
put the gat to your head and remind your -ss
i ain’t playin’ with you, i want my money motherf-cker

[verse 2]
yo, some n-gga just shot the block up dog, word?
he had the same sh-t you got on dog, word?
i know you done did it so get the f-ck up outta hear, ya heard?
i run with n-ggas that’ll spray and strip and stay there sh-t
you won’t let us pump on your block, f-ck it, we makin it hot
i’m that n-gga that call the shots, with the iced out watch
from the cordless cell phone in baby blue drop
i got a lot of hungry n-ggas with me straight from the street
these industry n-ggas are startin’ to look like something to eat
they got watches on they wrist that cost like 60 thousand
my n-ggas living on section eight in public housing
they’ll murder you and keep the sh-t low cause n-ggas heard of you
them b-more n-ggas is rowdy rowdy
them detroit n-ggas is bout it bout
if they say they gonna k!ll ya n-gga don’t you doubt it
got your gun well don’t leave home without it

[verse 3]
yo, your man could have ran when i robbed him but he froze
son i ain’t even rock him to sleep, the n-gga dozed
the b-tch could have helped you get rich, but she chose
now you heart broke, that’s what you get for lovin’ them hoes
an ill flow with no beat, is incomplete, it’s like a stickup kid
runnin round without no heat, it’s like a fifth with no kick
a fiend with no hit, a willie with no wit
a bad b-tch that won’t blow d-ck
it’s like a rollie with no ice, a gamblin’ spot with no dice
like f-ckin’ supermodel b-tches and not bustin’ off twice
i murder any mic device, for the right price, i’m nice
i only say things once, never twice, don’t f-ck with me