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50 cent – minds playing tricks lyrics


[tony yayo]
mmm, yeah, uhh
mind playing tricks on me man

it’s a, regular day and a regular routine
’til i hear this tragic news from about two fiends
your man 50, just got popped 9 times
and i heard through the grapevines it’s all cause he rhymes
in front of his grandma, i’m standin’ on the lawn
wearin’ no teflon, i wonder if he gone
i know in my heart i wanna cry
havin’ thoughts in my mind is my man gon’ die?
as i frantically run towards 50 spot
i panicky peep like fifty cops
it was blue & whites, dt’s and homicide
with yellow tape locked off on both sides
with four-fifth sh-lls on the floor
and dt’s ringin’ doorbells, goin door to door
yo i’m stressed out, smokin’ bogie after bogie
duckin’ the sarge cause the sarge f-ckin know me
i jumped in jeep truck and got a mac to spit
and we did about a buck cause mary mack i lit
at the time, i started thinkin’ back some sh-t
how we used to sling crack and stack our chips
with kev, p-low, big jewel the kid
and my man 50 used to smack a b-tch
and the good and the bad on the 1-3-4
and them hoes that we had on the cash money tour
now i’m at the hospital, stop daydreamin’
all i see is 5-5-1 and there’s beefin’
baby moms is screamin’, whole family grievin’
but the word is, that my man’s still breathin’
i dropped to my knees and i thanked the lord
and got a long sh-t list all across the board
motherf… {-ends-}