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50 cent – paper chaser lyrics


yeah, yeah, n-gga, yeah
yeah n-gga, yeah
yeah n-gga

i’m a paper chaser, my glock i’ll fire it
you know what it is
the moment you expired, i handle my biz
i make somethin’ outta nothin’
you f-ck with the kid
you bound to get shot frontin’ (2x)

[verse 1]
you got that big body benz, ha
you find the b-tch that you want
you just treat her and her friend, ha
you don’t f-cked up that c0ke, ha
them n-ggas mad as a mothaf-cker
they finna get you smoked, ha
they outside where you rest, ha
waitin’ with the hammers to put a hole in yo chest, ha
it’s hot you wearin’ your vest, ha
it’s summer time and you can’t even go out
n-gga you stressed, ha
they talkin’ about you in the hood, ha
they sayin’ yo -ss can’t come around
you sayin’ you could, ha
that b-tch flip gave you the boot, ha
she ain’t f-ckin’ n-gga with you
cause you ain’t got no loot, ha
ain’t nothin’ left for you to do, ha
so you back in the hood with your pistol ready to shoot, ha
it won’t be long before you dead, ha
n-ggas paid me to hit ya i gotta put one in yo head now!


yeah, it’s my summer!
go ‘head say somethin’, i want you to say somethin’
so i can smacke the f-ckin’ black off you, n-gga
i spit in yo face, f-ggot
come through there man, i can’t wait, man
summer time we gon’ mash out this year, n-gga
i got shooters, oh what i got!
ya’ n-ggas don’t want it with me now, man
what the f-ck, man, ya’ll now where i come from
they now what turf i was tourin’ from
southside, n-gga, ride or be rode on
you know the rules!
live this summer or die this summer, babe
it’s real!