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50 cent – problem child lyrics


[50 cent]
thatâ´s the sound of the man, c-ckinâ´ that thang – that thaaaang
thatâ´s the sound of the man, clappinâ´ that thang – thaaang
yo, in my hood we was taught not to say who shot ya
see the flash, you heard the shot, you feel the burninâ´, i got ya
say a prayer for me if you care for me cuz iâ´m on the edge
iâ´m finna put a sh-ll in a n-gg- head
i rock a lot of ice, i dare you to scheme on it
the fifth got a rubber grip and a beam on it
homie that took the hit on me couldnâ´t shoot this
say iâ´m skinny now, but i look big in the coupe-dee
my cuzin uzi out in l.a. done tripped and do the sets again
got shot the f-ck up tryinâ´ to rob the wrong mexicans
i write my lifestyle, yâ´all n-gg-s is cheaters
your lines come from feds, felons and don diva
oh you the black hand of death, then why your name ainâ´t preacher
if you a pimp like kid, why them hoes donâ´t treat ya
if you wanna ball like kirk, now shorty let me teach ya
this flowâ´s god sent, itâ´s bound to reach ya

problem child, iâ´m familiar with problems
i know how to solve em
semi-automatic, luger tray, revolve em
shoot em up, rob em
in the hood we starvin, you donâ´t want problems
problem child

[bridge] [singing]
and why canâ´t you be man enough
to tell me where youâ´re cominâ´ from

[50 cent]
they say you can never repay the price for takinâ´ a manâ´s life
iâ´m in debt with christ, i done did that twice
iâ´m nice, yâ´all n-gg-s canâ´t hang wit fifty
+blaaat+, yâ´all n-gg-s canâ´t bang wit fifty
say iâ´m born to rhyme, thereâ´s a sh-ll and a nine
for every stone in the cross, thereâ´s a b-tch i tossed
see the wounds in my skin they from a war of course
you can check c-n-n for the “war report”
see the drama got me ridinâ´ with a sawed-off shottie
catch you at the light, i blow ya -ss off the ducati
man, n-gg-s ainâ´t gonâ´ do me like sammy did gotti
i do it myself, i donâ´t need no help
give me a knife, iâ´ll get rid of your neighborhood bully
give me a minute, iâ´ll take a f-ckinâ´ car with a pully
see the hood is the deepest stole my innocence young
n-gg-s jumped me cuz they couldnâ´t beat me one-on-one

[hook] [2x]


[50 cent]

i mustâ´ve broke a mirror at three and had bad luck for seven
cuz pops slid, mommy died before i turned eleven
this cities split â´posed to let black cats cross your path
the footprints in the sand is satan carryinâ´ your -ss
i got “god understand me” tattooed in my skin
when i die, come back, iâ´ma tattoo it again
iâ´m the young buck that let the gun buck
roll the window down and say: “â´sup up, n-gg-s get ready to duck”
my heart is a house homie, fear donâ´t live here
n-gg- believe me when i say i donâ´t care
muslims mix a lot, god studied they lessons
even when my luckâ´s hard i still count my blessings
see that look in my eye, ya betta keep on steppinâ´
spent time on my cell floor, to sharpen my weapon
if you p-ssy iâ´ma smell you when you come around here
them boys in pelican bay couldnâ´t live in my tier