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50 cent – south side lyrics


yeah man
f-ck the hood man
f-ck that i been tryin’ to get away from that m-th-f-cker for a long time man.i’m happy yall n-ggas is mad man.your frown makes me smile
yall n-ggas know me man
it is what it is man
like i say yall know me

i be on the scene on the lean on a benz in tha bently,when i come throuh your strip
every trip every flip i get the grip
i can go to the dealership and buy me a new whip
take fix
new kicks
new tricks i pick to suck on my d-ck
g-unit is the clique
and it’s how it gets flipped
that’s why you feelin’ me b-tch
n-ggas hate from a far
but they don’t come around
cause they know how a n-gga get down
once a n-gga move around
wit a long trey pound
i won’t hesitate to let it off 6 rounds
if yo -ss get hit
then you ain’t do sh-t
f-ckin’ wit me that’s what you get
now your lip
keep it zip
before you get your babymama
caught up in this bullsh-t
now what gets
it’s a no no
n-ggas on
lo go
but they tryin’ to stay on the loe doe
gangsta fo sho
every time a n-gga flow
a n-gga bank acount got
mo’ dough
south side g-unit 12x