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50 – bands lyrics


a hundred bands that ain’t sh-t two hundred bands i just bought some bricks my team balling your team sh-t im just balling n-gga sos sh-t we in this b-tch we rolling up we at the club she trying to f-ck she hold me down when i come around i just bought some pounds im in china town got the versace on and the chain match looking at my cadillac i think its all black i think she like my jewerly i think she like my hat she say she like southern swag i stop doing that but i do back your girlfriend on my d-ck i think she liking that im just balling n-gga and you just failing at it im in the gym no kobe bryant a kobe attic im just shooting three’s your girlfriend on my d-ck she can’t feel her knew she can’t feel her legs i think she bout to squirt mississippi river gone shoot it like dirk im going hard in the paint going in the hurst i deep stroking she deep throating she say she like my posion ima bust it open let me hit the hook again so you n-ggas know me