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500$fine – resist, destroy, resist! lyrics


freedom, the ability to live without fear of violence
or commitment of unwillingful acts
the screams at night
hearing someone you care about being slapped around your own house
but your too scared to do anything about it
and when you finally do something, the victim won’t even press charges out of fear

a child, afraid to think about the warzone their house is
every other family is norman rockwell, while yours loves his work
but is comparable to a warring country
i say war, because thats what it is: a war
a war against patriarchy
a hierarchial disease that places the male as the ruler
the wife an indentured servant
and the children as parents

to witness this violence, this war, strikes a deep dischord on my insides
but to speak of it feels like a flux of all the hate towards the father
this hate has been in my veins, building up inside my veins for the past seventeen f-cking years


the mother is the architect of resistance
she stands scarred, shaking, but still she stands
she clutches her children with protection
she blocks out the violence
cast from the torture
release from the ghetto of patriarchy
that transcends all economic-cl-ss systems
the resistance can never end
the resistance can never end
it never ends