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504diffusion – dip releases new mixtape entitled “still dippn” lyrics


dip or “drama in progress”, is a hustler at heart in every good sense of the word. he does what it takes to drive his career to the next level. whether it’s hitting the streets with the team, or spending long hours at the studio, dip strives to make a name for himself

“still dippn” has been received with much fanfare. as dip’s lyrical talent continues to grow, so does dip as a businessman. he works hard to brand his apparel line, trap wear. in fact, it is one of the highest grossing clothing lines in louisiana. dip has made it his business to propel his brand forward, working state by state to take over the industry

dip’s solid work ethic, charm and charisma help to solidify him as a solid contender among epic talent. you never know where you will see dip next, but wherever that might be, you can bet it will be somewhere positive, where his talent will shine

mixtape tracks

2.ain’t n0body got time 4 dat ft. j-dawg, boola
3.dollar bills
4.get dat money
5.return of the triggerman ft. mista meana
6.u.o.e.n.o. dmix
7.tonight ft. sty
8.p s ft jayj0nes thuggin
10.keep kalm
11.type of way dmix
12.all i do iz hustle
13.twerksumthn ft. pnc
14.started from the bottom dmix
15.i gotcha ft. militia ko

dat piff link:

video – “turn it up” | dip featuring kango slimm