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504icygrl – ikky lyrics


[verse 1: 504icygrl]
quick to stomp a b+tch in her face if she lookin
all ab my paper send my money for the bookings
chain on flex yeah
diamonds on me wet yeah
keep a big teck yeah
talk a big check yeah

quick to smack a b+tch in her face if she poppin off
all ab my paper send my money if you got it all
chain on drip b+tch
gloss on my lips b+tch
glizzy on my hip b+tch
talking big sh+t b+tch

[verse 2: 504icygrl]
eating like a motherf+cking queen im at benny
icky icky you ain’t pretty all these b+tches looking silly
and yo n+gga wanna get me just look at him girl he friendly
he said baby whats your number i said 504benji
i got way too many benjis i would never let him kiss me
he can l!ck me on my titties but he’ll never see this kitty
icky icky icky icky please don’t leave no f+cking hickies
i just kicked him out the bently pls dont call me im too busy

had to park the bently then i hopped inside a rova
im in love with fendi im too hot for fashion nova
got a barbie b+tch all she do is snort the coca
got a model b+tch she so pretty and she mocha
everything authentic yeah i shower with my chains on
my hitman know the weather he said n+ggas getting rained on
i dont hesitate to drop a bag on ya head
talking all that sh+t you was mad now ya dead