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512dub – left right (ft. zd) lyrics


[intro: zd]
(aye dub you got it right? bet)

[chorus: zd]
aye, aye
left right, left right, left right
b-tches bad and they f-cking on sight
left right, left right, left right
imma make the cash a n-gga gotta do it right

[verse 1: zd]
imma smoke this green right by myself
your hoe called and she said she needed help
imma swim in a b-tch michael phelps
got the gold on my wrist and a gucci belt
they say “how you do it big for the hoes?”
i just wanna reach my goals, 50k for my shows
one milli for my flows, n-ggas know i’m bout’ my dope
and they know i’m on the road but i’m moving h-lla slow, woah
yeah i said i quit the drugs, your chick shows me love, and i got it just because all the way til’ i’m up
and my x wants a hug but i told her not to fuss
yeah we got up out the mud imma keep on running up
aye, imma keep on running up
imma get to this green and no it ain’t love
shawty just wanna hug so in s-x we trust counting guwap that’s a must baby i just wanted love
baby i just wanted love, aye

[chorus 2: zd]
left right, left right, left right
shawty bad i can see it in her eyes
left right, left right, left right
left right imma shake this bed all night

[verse 2: 512dub]
s type
backwood full of smoke
bad b-tch on my d-ck rolling up she want dope
make it known 8 sticks let em fold
i don’t need her, i don’t want her, i don’t like her, i don’t fold
loved way back then where she at though?
we don’t keep smoke, just a tadpole
we don’t keep heat, run it back hoe
eyes low, i’m broke, i’ve been sad hoe
p-ssed off from the back keep a light slow
don’t walk just talk keep your back rolled
eyes up knees down keep a magnum
sad girl, upset, she get mad dome
backwood to the face that’s gelato
mad stink from the back where the cash go?
i’m sad, keep a tag on a sad hoe
mad bank, get cash, throw it back hoe

(aye yaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

[chorus 3: zd]
left right, left right, left right
gucci on so i gotta keep it tight
left right, left right, left right
gotta keep it close, we gon be alright

[verse 3: zd]
shawty let me break you down
i’m the king where’s my crown?
let’s just go another round baby
don’t you make a sound
all my dogs from the pound, yeah
i can get it like that, how i sound, yeah
all my b-tches flocking, wearing gucci, cop it
lil mama drop it, we gon make deposits
all these hoes stop it, i take em to the tropics
she like the way i sound, so i gotta drop it, aye