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5400 dylan – g star! lyrics


i could remember when i woke up that f-ckin morning

i f-ck that lil b-tch in my g star

ima rockstar i needa gut-air

i’m geeked asf i’m on mars

i just took like 2 or 3 bars

young 54 been swerving dem cars

she slopping good i’m feelin her jaws

b-tch have you ever been wit a boss ?

paying the cost

dripped in lascote

my wrist is wet i’m dripping voss

lil 54 been dese f-ckin hoes

don’t smoke no vape don’t smoke no bongs

we eating good filet migon..

b-tch don’t call me when i’m on

flltt pea yea it’s on

it’s on it’s on yea
(dat bih bet not call my phone)

i got off my -ss and got to the cash to make my haters mad

i dream bout da cash i wake up and dash now i’m getting bags

i’m up im poppin tags rick owen cardigan

she wanna f-ck again

vercetti setting trends

these n-ggas hate in diguse
two bricks they circ-m sized

my lil b-tch a f-ckin dime
sharp like porcupine

f-ckin dat b-tch just broke her spine

lil bih just copped a line

n-gga ima gap solider

ricky rick no owen

srt it’s stolen

baby just wanna come over

pull up in testarossta

she snort the coca cola

off the bars i’m rolling

i woke up next morning..

(hook again)