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5400 dylan – honolulu! lyrics


how you doin vercetti ?

boot up can you let me ?

choppa on me i’m guilty

he crossed me for me the benjis

made it back real fast and plenty

54 gettin digits

54 getting b-tches

up in da lab i’m up like 60 rollin wit 20 b-tches

i rock the best you rock the less lil n-gga fit sh-tty

i sip da tec tote smith and wes ima blow dese people

ima k!ll dese people

n-gga my flow not my legal

she suck me like mosquito

my b-tch so bad can’t see her

babygirl know i won’t leave her

og ones they beaters

they say 54 evil

yuh like evil keneevell

im hearing my sh-t on speakers

yah yah uh

double dior da wrist

double dior my b-tch

she suck and f-ck all on me cuz i got all these cheese

i’m smoking that potent weed

buying the finer things

b-tches come in 3’s

i f-cked yo b-tch wit ease

i spent 3 on dese

lascote da boss da tee

i’m wit my n-gga flee

we just left nyc

baby girl calling me

baby girl follow me

(hook again)