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57 pixels – all day lyrics


(verse 1)
done pleasing this shit
home sick for a place that dun even exist
straight needing a spliff
but all day i’ve sharpened saw blades
and polished large chains to carve this bar’s way
the liquor and herb gots me cross ways
hardly i’ll say, i’m in good hands; allstate
pause, wait!
wasted eight hours at the mall, great
i’m caught between a rock n a hard place
i’m not at all what you prolly would think
talk to the cops and you got a marked grave
sorry for the wait but i’m back with a vengeance
for the cash and big wishes
blasting gats with some big clips
you f-ggots admitted
i’ve practically been sent
to practice life with this
knack for tight rhythm
to show a packed coliseum
its fidypix a beast with sway
been spitting slick since jesus grave
always carpe diem, seize the day
i’ll be done with it all when the sea’s cease waves
its fidypix, needless said
you won’t find me without at least a gram
stomping the yard; the heart of the cards!
all day all day we balling so hard!