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57 pixels – bush (you said it) lyrics


[verse 1: 57 pixels]
i tried grabbing life by the h-rns
but the h-rns had th-rns
and now i adore more than i ever wanted to
and i think about what the f-ck to do
nothing’s new, everyone wants to chug a few
or suck a dude, luck be
time’s on full blast, while my feet remain at standby
smoke that good hash, who said human’s can’t fly
straight from a bull’s -ss, chast-ty in a tramp’s life
i should of dashed, nah homie that’s a d-mn lie
i feel like i’m k!lling it but just then
i hear all these girls screaming for someone named justin
put me down for awhile, but just when
i said f-ck it, live life to just win
i’m grabbing this game with charm; it’s l-stin’
someone new and improved to start crushin’
compet-tion in reality; f-ck dreams
happiness not prestige is what i’m wantin’
rapping to me is like a boat to a captain
i put my heart and soul into it for it to happen
this reality is one to be lasting
but it seems no one wants me to be yapping
the fact beams me back to when i wanted to do acting
did band instead and decided to play sax, see
that took time away from me and my friends, g
i mean time away from me and dead ends, g
high school has been no different
people thinking renown can’t make you ignorant
a lot of y’all probs think i spoke mad gibberish
hate on this song but i know you still feel it b-tch