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570jv – cocky flow lyrics


we moving that weight we rock rossin
dripping on n-ggas we do this sh-t often
this b-tch annoying keep calling
shooting like curry they signed me to spalding
if it’s static you know we gon solve it
kick on ya -ss stone cold steve austin
white b-tches they said that i’m awesome
feeling my ghost and i’m not in a coffin
n-ggas be b-tches acting like kanye
this ain’t no fetty wap i did it my way
b-tch i’m a giant i feel like andre
200 miles when i skrt on the highway
n-ggas be basic, gang bout to make it
i’m rocking foreign i used to wear asics
we bout to wraith it
sh-t like a sp-ceship
smoking on sour i’m gta wasted
now who you know f-cking me
keep it 100 let’s keep it a g
number 1 in everybody top 3
if i drop some sh-t its gon buzz like a bee
they can’t c that we moving that d
i’m never on angles got watch for the ps
taking cases to trial f-ck a plea
can’t wait till the day all my n-ggas is free
you ain’t bout it you just act hood
smoking a backwood
i love my shawty she act good
spinning n-ggas like atwood
these n-ggas scattered
tough on the web they be actors
i won’t beef wit a rapper
that’s not a factor, old as sh-t and moving backwards
bang on sh-t like the raptors
it’s a new chapter, still throwing bullets matt stafford
they told me stay focused i’m snapping
not like the rest of these n-ggas be capping
stayed 100 no matter what happened
charging for features collecting them back ends
if i get it the gang get a fraction
they was down wit me way back i ain’t have sh-t
i was broke as a joke but that’s past tense
now if i like it i cash out and grab it
whatever i do these n-ggas gon copy
knockout a n-gga like rocky
took a break but can’t n0body stop me
used to be humble but f-ck it i’m c-cky,(x2)
used to ride in the taxis
they used to tax me
life full of bumps like it’s acne
i was just in the backseat
ball like a athlete
make n-ggas run like a track meet
lacking they almost had me
12 wanna grab me
ain’t saying sh-t go and ask me
his b-tch calling me daddy
she want me badly
i think that b-tch name was gabby
stop actin like you is a threat
no pnb i’ll put a check on ya neck
my n-ggas just told me to flex
this sh-t just too easy they know i’m the best
up now so f-ck who up next
i’m out in new york wit the giants and jets
white g fazos and a nike tech
i’m living the dream i ain’t got no regrets