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570jv – glock with a beam lyrics


hoodie supreme
i got a glock wit a beam
f-ck n-gga what do you mean
got sacks in my jeans
money dirty never clean
i’m pouring a eighth sipping lean
it’s all bout the cream
i’m never switching my team
lil b-tch i’m living my dream
i’m rolling the weed
they said i’m a different breed
they cannot keep up wit my speed
i got 100 bands
choppa make em do the running man
i come in the club just to get my cash f-ck no i don’t wanna dance(x2)
she want me to give er a baby uh
i told that b-tch she was crazy uh
jv you know i’m too wavy uh
got guns like the army and navy uh
she want me i’m tryn get away from her
i’m doing the dash like i’m stacy uh
if you owe me the you better pay me uh
or you will not make it home safely uh
uh uh uh uh
now let me hop in my bag(wait)
i’m winning i got n-ggas mad (wait)
i used to ride round in a cab(wait)
now i ride around in a jag
making plays like the eagles mcnabb (wait)
his b-tch she love what i have(wait)
not f-cking think i’m gonna p-ss(wait)
now let me snap
f-ck it i’m gon put the town on the map
man this sh-t ain’t no cap
y’all n-ggas is old why y’all still tryna rap
masons they got the straps
i’m busting my gun you better get back,(x2)
man this sh-t like a movie
she said love make her rage she wanna be uzi
b-tches picking and choosing
come and f-ck wit a winner cus baby you losing(x2)
i was stressing bout to die
plenty times i wanted to cry
just like a airport butch i’m fly
yeah i’m a different type of guy
sh-t i remember i was shy
i ain’t even finna lie
ain’t have no wheel i couldn’t drive
so b-tch i had to take them hikes
wit my gang
pistol hang
it go bang n-gga
i used to be down to my last i’m not the same n-gga
i don’t work for sony this sh-t ain’t a game n-gga
i’m wit gorillas i can’t kick it wit no lame n-ggas
they said i’m a loose screw
gang gang got the deuce deuce
they acting n-ggas bruce bruce
we know you ain’t gon shoot shoot(x2)

i got a glock wit a beam
i’m aiming for n-ggas that’s not on my team(x8)