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570jv – nightmare on elm street lyrics


in the cut cooling wit my demons and sh-t
we done blew a couple bags up in nemens and sh-t
after i f-ck kick her out you gotta leave out this b-tch
this my city b-tch u know that i’m the king out this b-tch
yfn like i’m running round wit lucci
this b-tch want me go raw but i was never into to sushi
f-ck the other side n-ggas hating and they goofy
b-tch my money getting longer i still ride round wit that uzi
deuce deuce for a n-gga that wan act up
if he running then these 223s gon f-ck his back up
it’s 2018 n-ggas hating they can’t get they racks up
you a b-tch you ain’t on sh-t i’m tryna warn you back up
my shooter spazzing riding round wit 2 glocks
they said if i keep rapping i could be the new pac
this sh-t strictly for my n-ggas b-tch i feel like 2pac
in la palm treed up with the new drop
money over everything i’m tryn see a million
been rapping for a year and i done already made a k!lling
my chick she got good hair you would’ve thought she was brazilian, and i know that they gon stare when i walk all up in the building
(1-2) b-tch i’m coming for you
(3-4) ya b-tch still is a wh0r-
(5-6) she said she wan do d-ck
i would do (7-8) but let’s hop on some new sh-t
i’m out in public b-tch i feel like a celebrity
these b-tches on my d-ck they might just try molesting me
i’m in the streets b-tch but i ain’t come from sesame
call the gang up tell em pull up wit the weaponry
y’all don’t bleed how i bleed we 2 different breeds
y’all boys my sons i done watched y’all grow up from a seed
aye where the woods roll it up i just copped the weed
they dont think i’m bout it try me n-gga you gon f-cking see
all my n-ggas shootin b-tch and all my n-ggas ruthless
my name be ringing bells go ask about me b-tch i do this, i cut some n-ggas off cus they was acting like they judas
and they internet gangsters they be typing on computers
you wishing that i fall i might just turn into a genie
remember growing up looked up to hov looked up to weezy
i don’t see no compet-tion might just change my name to stevie
i can do this rap sh-t in my sleep this sh-t is too easy gang….