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571-ohtli – where lyrics


[verse 1: 571+ohtli]
ice water in my veins was replaced by break fluid
thought love would make me more human
letting cupid fuel it
look for a partner to fit
looking in the desert for a tulip
the city didn’t really spoil me
still tho i feel like royalty
ran for what i love faster than pucca
recognize me a maverick
better than luka
a n+gga had holes in my plots like swiss
that’s typical for any soul comin outta manassas
my younger days we’re classics
nothing like track practice

d+mn i can’t really gonna go like that
my pride so heavy my soul might crack
i do love where i comе from
it was fun in fact
but if i hadn’t left
i’d still feel untapped
from all the subjеcted evil
where i couldn’t project
and effect the people

[verse 2: 571+ohtli]
at times
the negative constantly increases
tryna think what sin caused it
but still say thank you jesus
attach the positive
sum mama taught me
but right now if mama caught me
tryna display my persona
she’d say
why you rushing to be a grownup
cause these moments i try seize moments
to distance myself
an for once that’s typical
cause we in corona
where do u come from who are u
and who does know it
i am a vulgar poet
who don’t sugar coated
i come a place called manassas
and i want the whole world to know it