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57th street rogue dog villians – dogs 4 life lyrics


[verse 1: tech n9ne]
for the love of my dogs, n-gga
for the love of my dogs, yeah
n-gga for the love of my dogs
take a slug, pop a slug for my dogs, n-gga
when i first met my dogs
i knew that i would never forget my dogs
no prison could ever stress my dogs
[?] coming to bless my dogs
you remember, n-gga?
in school, the teachers called us fools, they planned for us to lose
now the teachers [?]
when they see us, now they invite us for liquor and chicken quesadillas
n-ggas balled on them, rogue dogs rule
now when we see mr. scraggins, we say “look at you, fool”
we on the verge of k!lling, a villain, i’m feeling, [?]
k!ller, don’t let demans lead us astray, n-gga
if you catch an infultrater, take him away, n-gga
i love this sh-t, selling tapes and disks
5 fingers, we make a fist
my dogs for life

[verse 2: short nitty]
for my dogs, i k!ll for them all
doe and little star, what’s the [?]
and tony kenady, that’s to our first day
they k!ll johnny davis, them f-ckin pigs are gonna pay
they know i tell the truth, i sware i miss my n-gga du
we gon kick it when you get out of jail in about 2
[?] soon as you get up out the pen yo
you’re gonna sip henny, f-ck about 10 hoes
and make money like a n-gga supposed
cause i’m a real n-gga, waiting for my villains to blow
n-ggas i creep with, n-ggas i break bread and eat with
n-ggas i call if i’m off in some deep sh-t
only my everyday, these are my dogs for life
and if you don’t fit in, n-gga i called it, right
n-ggas i be with, pour liquor, smoke weed with
n-ggas i hustle everyday to [?] my greed with
now them my dogs for life, n-gga
them my dogs for life

[chorus: bakarii and short nitty]
when the need, who you call with a locked jaw?
my dogs for life
my dogs for life
keep it real with me, steal with me, k!ll with me, vill with me
my dogs for life
my dogs for life
this is dedicated to the hogs, my rogue dogs
this is dedicated to my dogs for life

[verse 2: bakarii]
when the need, who you call?
[?] f-ck the chitter chatter, we can make these n-ggas scatter
together we like juggernauts, giving nots
to all mc’s who’d rather not
see my glock, f-ck the cops
that’s what i scream [?] cause staying [?] under the bright lights
if it’s war, give me nitty and a 45
30 slugs for the love, my glock i mug
ride with my soldiers, [?], gang can’t be stopped
guter tails of n-ggas surviving the game and dumping rocks
free them block n-ggas [?], hog style, cause this is how we living
my dogs for life

[verse 3: short nitty]
my villains [?]
we so close to [?]
knock for my partner, smack a n-gga with a bottle
i would die [?], say i got him
[?] with my dogs
hitting this b-tch with my hogs
big as it comes
15 [?] it’s been 15 [?]
[?] outlandish
sometimes it gets scandelous, know nitty would put in work for my villains
[?] in the city, yeah my dogs for life, villain hog stylen for life
caught my flesh twice, rogue dogs for life

this is dedicated to the hogs, my rogue dogs
this is dedicated to my dogs for life

[verse 4: big scoob]
og, sc, double o b
n-gga big dog, y’all know me
do anything for my homies
rob a n-gga, stab a n-gga
mob a n-gga, chop a n-gga
whip a n-gga, get shot for my n-gga
[?] same thing, for any n-gga [?]
sick that motherf-cker, get that motherf-cker
n-gga hit that motherf-cker, n-gga split that motherf-cker
3 get [?], dog track, [?]
listen to the name
n-gga we rogue dogs, we ain’t changed, twethe same
n-gga we told y’all, we do it till this day
n-gga we true hogs, giving god love, [?]
catch this [?]
[?] let me at him, choppers, i got them

this is dedicated to the hogs, my rogue dogs
this is dedicated to my dogs for life