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57th street rogue dog villians – it’s on now lyrics


hey it’s about to be a party up in this piece right now
5 6 about to take over again for kansas city
red dog ville baby we i’ll baby
it’s on now yo

it’s on now, my villains bout to move the crowd
it’s on now, we bout to show you bustas how(x2)

if you can move the crowd and we bout to show you how
it’s over like 58 comin from the corner
never pump fake when i’m comin up on ya
runnin wit? and? cuz that blitz is what we chose
and there ain’t a team that i seen that can hold us
red dog villains is the 58 soldiers

defense, never let em move the ball
prevent, proper p-ss watch me pick em off
i can’t wait to put my pads on a raider
put my helmet on a hater be the arrowhead gladiator
change the play watch me rush around the corner
got the spirit i’m determined got the fans on my shouldas
i’m never phased when them horses try to bootleg
just get the sack for mr hunt and paint the roof red

it’s on now you in the red zone clown
forget a first down you better not even think about a touch down
kansas city chiefs comin at you to get at you(yeah)
we’ll ride you like grey hound p-ssengers
we attack the quarterback for multiple sacks
shut down ya runnin back pick it off and run it back
our defensive line is so quick with the blitz
it’s like the return of derrick thomas and neil smith( yeah)

red dog villains touchdown
3 and out make em punt uhhh
when i catch that flea flick

it’s on now, my villains bout to move the crowd
it’s on now, we bout to show you bustas how(x2)

yall got this defense dug in the trenches
fourth and inches
light em up clear them benches
stick them b-tches
let em know that they can’t move the chains
make it rain hermans villains here to bring the pain
you feel me man
we gon show em how we used to do it
nickle stunts double teams
derricks blowin thru it nothin to it
dogs huntin and we out for sacks
ya quarterback see the whole game from his back
we run it back
when he slip and hit my quarterback