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5enpai – tokyo-3 lyrics


when she suck got me illiterate, call me genie i rub on the cl-toris

pikkachu pikkachu i sillk the shocker
d-ck inner -ss gott me spazzin like crocker

in the gynecologist, no notta doctor
she pray to daddy d’mornay not father

she pacer test on d-ck, call me the proctor
physical fitness to improve your knockers


i slaughter the p-ssy baby i am a butcher
i eat it with with ranch like my name ashton kutcher
he f-cked my ex, i f-cked i f-cked his crush
yeah i took her
thought he was my slime, but that n-gga a booger

aye its funny how these n-ggas say they be down, but they really be sweeter than sugar
(uh aye)

imma 5’5 n-gga but when i d-ck her down, she treat me likka six footer


5enpai ridin solo dolo, baby ima misfit
likka skater on percussion b-tch yeah i kick sh-t
emo b-tch know how to skate
(uh aye)
she wiggle my pickle just likka ripstick
im not the typa n-gga thatchu can u hate
she come to me with her problems, i dont give a f-ck baby i dont give ej-cul-te

i just took a tesla, im in sp-ce
(woah woah woah)
whats a 5enpai without kohai
my heart break
(woah woah woah)
asian b-tch put h-llo kitty
in my face
(woah woah)
call me kris kringle
cuz that p-ssy i slay
(ho ho ho)

huhh jingle bells jingle bells, 5enpai breath really smells
she might be in love with me but who can really tell
i got supreme on my body, like youngty i do karate
she the type to suck me up while i be f-ckin driving
this b-tch crazy, i mean this b-tch brazy
gas me up then f-ck me up dry
that p-ssy got me lazy
this b-tch brazy, i mean this b-tch vrazy
smoke me out then suck my soul
that b-tch im craving

my moms said when my dad dies then he goin to h-ll
but if im the son of a serpent, i must be goin as well (huh)

if there is apocalypse then we all might rebel, then there won’t be one single soul who doesn’t belong as well