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5enpai – zero energy lyrics


aye run up get stabbed with the blade
i go insane warning this sh#t isn’t safe
talent is what i contain in my dna
i do this sh#t everyday

p#ssy talk down get sprayed i don’t play games
baofumo yes that’s the name
keep a dagger just in case
n#ggas talk down 1#2#3 k!lling the race

get to close it’s critical motherf#cker lets get physical
shorty sad your d#ck is minuscule
keep the beat flowing mad lyrical

uh ya uh drink lean mix it with vodka (what)
aye drink lean mix it with vodka (ok)

she play with my b#lls
like it’s
soccer aye
soccer aye
soccer aye
soccer aye

i got the mac aim it at your back
that sh#t go barata (aye)

she tryna see me but i’m like houdini
i’m a rare sighting like shiny victini
she love my d#ck cause it’s built like a
fiji… bottle

okay my sh#t is so hard so they go rada rada
i am to you, what adam is kendama
she give me all slurp like she is a d#mn lama (ooh)

we’re all gonna die so f#ck being sad
until our demise my n#gga be glad
one day at a time go live your life
it might just turn out to be f#cking nice
copped me a shorty with the uwu eyes
and she gonna watch hentai (uh)

is this what love feels like cause this sh#t feels nice (ooh)