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5h0ckw4v3 – drip! lyrics


[verse 1: xxxtentacion]
slashin’ on the p-ssy like a battle axe, uh
got a bigger -ss than a cadillac, uh
n-ggas bout to drip, they got cataract
f-cked a baby momma on a muhf-ckin’ yoga mat, uh
hunnid phone, hunnid phone, backpack
laughing at these n-ggas like i’m muhf-ckin’ flapjack
okay, i’m turnt
at the party, f-ck ’round, p-ssy boy, and you get burnt
actin’ up, you actin’ buff, you f-ck ’round, you get murked
these n-ggas b-tches, mm, i get it
sauce, b-tch, i’m with it, uh, i get it
shots at your fitted, mm, i did it (ayy)
yuh, i did it, yuh, i did it
n-ggas askin’ where i get my drip at
told a n-gga throw a backpack, n-gga, back-back, hmm
asking for the money, where your racks at?
if you ain’t my brother, told a f-ck n-gga “hush that”, uh
cartier, cartier, throwing shade, uh
asian b-tch really like to crochet, uh
and my wrist never like throwing shade, uh
came to the crib off of kool-aid, ayy!