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5ive – let’s dance (the maverick monkey mix) lyrics


this one will make you twist up your neck beads

[chorus x4]
if you wanna dance, this is our chance
if you wanna dance, let’s take our chance

if you wanna dance (x2)
let’s take our chance

[pre-verse – abs]
jiggy jump to the beat and keep bouncing (bouncing)
30 seconds and counting
hot one, this choice critical (critical)
situation is difficult

[verse 1 – abs]
ready or not i’m really ready to roll
ready to rhyme, i’m ready to let you all know
oh gosh, i like how i do that
god d-mn, are you that
my style, it’s a thing of mine
make you jump to the beat when you bounce to my rhyme
the best when it comes to a remix
hold tight while i do this
who tha’ dapper my rhyme them proper
don’t stop me, oh no mr topper
doing what i feel cos i have to
talk sl!ck and i might just slap you
combinations, variations
different girls giving different vibrations
let me get down and diggy do what i do best
putting mics to the test

[chorus x2]

we all wanna dance (x4)

[pre verse]

[verse 2 – abs]
hyper, i pinpoint my rhyme like a sniper
if you’re down, let me see the lighter
hands in the air opposite to the ground now
let me get down, yeah let me get down (check)
i don’t mind if you can’t get with this
i’ll add your name to the most wanted hit list
i can twist tongues around most of you
you come close but you never come close to
metaphor after metaphor -ahem-
let me clear my throat i got more
i bet you, ask and i’ll let you
if you’re hot then i might just sweat you
keep fronting i’mma have to twist
sl!ck boy, sl!ck cos i ice my wrists
let me get down and diggy do what i do best
putting mics to the test

[chorus x6]

we all wanna dance (repeat to fade)