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5ive (rapper) – zauntee speaks (intro) lyrics


[phone call: zauntee & 5ive]
i feel like a word
laid out here speaking to me
for you um if you don’t mind
5ive: yes sir go ahead
zauntee: it’s uh that he’s really proud of you
because of how faithful you are
no matter what the circ-mstances
and no matter what the perception of other people is
that you’re still putting um putting him first
and uh putting any ministry first
aside from yourself and he says that he’s now closer
because he sees it and it really blesses his heart
and that’s why every time i see a picture of you
on social media or you know hear some of your music
that’s what comes to my heart
it’s just that how power please the lord you’re so sincere
and you seek him so permanently