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5laughter – shhhhh pt.2 lyrics


you need to stop playing with my sh+t bruh
for real

we caught two opps lacking in the same night (same night)
he was scared to death, he knew he was about to die
and i was high as f+ck, you can see it in my eyes
but i’m the last man standing
like it’s fortnite
that b+tch gave me dome
to make me feel alright
and i’ve been making racks
all i do is swipe
smoking on that good cash, smoking on that pipe
and that b+tch she won’t last
’cause she don’t do me right
i have a player that i should rob goofing in the store
i’m finna f+ck on your b+tch, yo please close the door
i’m getting high everyday ’cause i’m f+cking bored
k!ll every man that you send like i’m jason bourne
all i do is swipe cards that’s what i believe in
that boy talk sh+t so i let that boy bleeding
i mean f+ck 12, my boy went to jail, free him
all of this swipe, i finna get a free m
boy you acting smart, pull to my [?]
that b+tch got attitude ’cause she know she good
you know i’m getting head while i’m smoking on this wood
yeah i’m getting rich, doing everything that you wish you could