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5the ward boyz – blood, sweat & glory lyrics


[verse 1]
a backstreet killer a 5th ward -ss-ssin
so raise the f-ck up m-th-f-cka when i’m blastin
my buckshot: buck-buck-buck buck ’em down till they blood shed
and it ain’t stoppin till the m-th-f-ckas lay dead
too many punk–ss n-gg-s try to house on me
and put the chrome to my dome and try to gaffle me
it’s ninety-3 and i ain’t goin out like that
i flex vest and pull a strap with a phat gat
cause in the game good game pigs sew game
no money no power no glory m-th-f-ck pain!
it’s blood sweat and murder just to come on top
if you don’t get then you stuck so you’re gettin got
it takes a stroll with the devil down the glock road
you’re gettin f-cked when that gauge droppin heavy load
i blast wicked so i’m goin out like a champ
f-ck the county f-ck the pen and f-ck a boot-camp
i’m down to die and down to kill for my own sh-t
and break-a-hat to a busta–ss punk b-tch
i stand stroll cause the circle is my back bowl
and peel your cap b-tch has stranded in the killin zone
so what the f-ck you gonna do cause i ain’t worryin
yeah, i work hard for my b-tch
blood, sweat & glory

[verse 2]
comin up in 19-93
you bunch of m-th-f-ckas die
and yo, i asked why be-a-bein blazed to that h-lla fry
flicks like a m-th-f-cka rippin and wreckin up sh-t
ghetto ways n-gg- from the 5th comin up quick
runnin from that heroine
money from that black [?]
[not sure what’s said] fiends b-mpin h-lla dope
now it’s straight mobbin
doin whatever the f-ck it takes
hittin ’em with the mack-a-blast
boomin like some faults
gangs corrupt cause it’s f-cked up
the sh-t is sold -pr-nto-
stupid punk is steppin with that m-th-f-ckin sawed-off
peace to them n-gg-s on the corner drinkin the 40 oz.’s
and peace to them real m-th-f-ckin o.g.’s
and to you ho’s i never showin that sorrow
-ad?os- y’all n-gg-s cause you’ll never see tomorrow
this game is too unbend for them punk m-th-f-ckas
buckin up sh-t makin real n-gg-s suffer
i’m true to my sh-t g and can’t sh-t change me
(tell ’em rock)
st. ide’s and gunplay and death don’t face me
so save all that ho sh-t cause ho sh-t bores me
peace to them down–ss n-gg-s fool
blood, sweat & glory

and the 5th ward boyz b-mpin some ghetto dope sh-t
with mike dean and beat-on-one
check it ou