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5yrslate – a lighter shade of black lyrics


[verse 1: mali]
wanted to make sh-t like this
for 5 years straight
what they don’t know
i smoke to much and go home
new deck and some good dope
i’m living off good hopes
take step back
my faded eyes to low
fake gucci wallet it’s tearin’ up
my old sh-t is rare enough
if you heard it you care enough
and you all, put the flare in us
now it’s hard to gain my trust
whole city bumping that
people thought we made it up
and i do this for the people that i came up with
everybody tried to turn me into someone else
i stuck to myself
i been laughing now
now they turn back around
i should stop smoking loud
cracks all through my iphone
never touching crack rocks
i’m walking stanley park blocks
just to have a good fourth
hear the knock at my door
tell me what to go for
they told me sh-t works out
so that’s just what i hope for

[verse 2: la keid]