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5yrslate – find me lyrics


[verse 1: mali]
you ain’t talking business
you ain’t talking to me
i been working
you can’t stop me
you can have me if you want me
i been living too long all alone
never texting to my phone
i don’t question heading home
if you find me
b-tches acting shady
they be acting like me
seshing ’cause i’m bored
and they be looking at me wrong
people think i’m crazy
they don’t know what i been on
i got my foot to floor
tunes be blasting out the door
and i don’t give a f-ck
what people saying anymore
and i been on some other sh-t
that they just can’t ignore
they ain’t heard of this before
b-tches hating i got more

[verse 2: la keid]