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6th$ithlord – illusions lyrics


[verse 1]
b+tch i pull my blade and
slice yo jugular
coming from the wicked south
oops yo b+tch
just hit my cellular
i’m not interested
pass her to my n+ggas
roll a blunt
i take a hit
i’m in euphoria
ooo d+mn
please don’t test me
please don’t test me
please don’t test me
ooo yuh
break ya bones
shattered skull
won’t find you till next week
i smoke on that danky dank
you sit back and huff on paint
i sit back and plan my moves
you slip up and act a fool

wanna play me
like some f+cking game
(f+ckin game)
grab the k
just unload into his face
(into his face)
f+ck with $ith
you’s a b+tch
get off my d+ck
just a glitch inside
this matrix
yeah yo wrists i
f+ckin slit
[verse 2]
b+tch i’m peeling out
in a all black
smoking on that cancer
she take two hits then pass
f+ck boi get to bands up
bust off a couple shots
make you do macarena
codeine inside my fanta
look up into the moon
realize that i’m the man bruh
darkness inside of me
suppress it until i can’t
i am my enemy
the forces
are bringing