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6obby – broken lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m so sad
and so i take another drag
and so i take another shot
but i overflow my thoughts
i been thinking
i been broken so long
that i’m falling under pressure
feeling like a mistake
and my life is just an error
i’ve been taking my time but i’m so dead inside
wanna keep going
i’m feeling so tired
tired of feeling so trapped in my dome
these memories they haunt me
won’t leave me alone
sit on my bed but i don’t feel at home
depression anxiety and all of these hoes
thoughts of a bullet just piercing my skull
ain’t got not friends ain’t no one hit my phone
they say keep calm but i’m losing control
i am so broken and i am a ghost yeah

[verse 2]
some nights i don’t even wanna try
i sit and count these racks but i just wanna die
people say they care but they just watched me cry
designer on my waist but i’m just dead inside
my girl she say she love me
she just filled with lies
i can tell the way she look me in my eyes
smoking on a blunt and i do it till i’m fried
i been working get a check and then i multiply
these people say they care but they just waste my time
call me rodney mullen you know i’ve been on my grind
or call me optimus cause i be always on my prime
neil armstrong the way that i be taking flight
smoking dope and i do it till i reach the skies
people wanna hurt me and i always ask them why
they don’t got no reasons they just wanna ruin my life
i ain’t worried bout it grab a blunt and then ignite
but some nights i can’t help i just wanna die
feeling so broken and so dead inside
f-ck the fakes cause i don’t need you in my life
i got this depression and it hits me every night

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