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7 7 is – guadalupe lyrics


time was when i was a child,
you had been living for a while,
timeless time, all that we knew,
you looked after me, i looked up to you.

now i know…know that you knew it would go,
and now…now that it’s through,
i long for you, now that you’ve gone,
i miss you and the time…time that we lost.

anderson and guadalupe,
lexington, down to santa cruz,
i miss them all,
i know they’re missing you,
from del valle and all to the ocean blue.

waters wide couldn’t keep in your love for them, and all that live within,
you sailed the night, into the sun,
god’s eternal light only begun.

every time you smiled, every time you walked with me,
every time you stayed awhile, i would hear my heart sing,
every time you said goodbye, every time you walked away,
every time, it made me cry,
i could feel my heart break…heart break in two.

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