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7 baliktad – debate lyrics


muay thai or thai kickboxing is referred as “the science of eight limbs” from it’s strength in using two hands, two shins, two knees and two elbows. some said “nawaarwut” or the art of nine limbs (include head)

muay thai are straightforward martial art, use strength in beating opponent with versatile skills. it is the descendant from muay boran. muay boran (ancient boxing) was created to use in war when the warrior lost their weapon. the art of thai weapon fighting is called “krabi krabong”. most of muay boran’s techniques didn’t exist in modern muay thai. muay boran can fight in every formats. with the basic of muay boran that was created for fighting many opponent in war. sometimes the warriors lost their weapon they have to fight the enemy with their bared hand. therefore muay boran emphasizes a brutal and powerful elbow and knee techniques, in beating the opponent as quick as they can and prepare for the next opponent in the battlefield.

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