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7 generations – chimera lyrics

if you want my head, take it, but you’ll never have my heart for i have seen the way your countless atrocities are spun into gold and the glory of your god shines only in your endless cruelty
o let it be known, i would sooner stretch my neck across the chopping block than bow at your feet i have no home in this prison with gilded bars, so i can offer no allegiance only a pledge to…
resist, with every ounce of life, with every beat of my heart
all that i can give, everything that i am can so easily disappear, like gr-ss blown by the wind but i cannot embrace that which kills all i love, so draw the line and count me as an enemy
if i am to fail, i will find more peace hanging from the gallows than dangling as your marionette sometimes all i feel are sorrow and rage, but as long as i am drawing breath i will…
resist, until i’ve lost all i can lose, until there’s nothing left of me
the hour grows late as the shadow of the unspeakable spreads striking the m-sses deaf and blind and it takes a loud voice to make the deaf hear, so for the last time, let it ring that i will…
resist after all hope has died the vision lives on.

- 7 generations lyrics

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