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7 horns 7 eyes – it is not the end lyrics


we are consumed by this life
strangled by wordly struggles
over and over again, life’s trials try to break us down
we will not give in this time
frustration, temptation

so we lift our eyes up to the sky
reminded of your wounds that set us free
broken and bloodied you hung on that cross

and now with hands around my neck
i know that you are still with me

i trust your ways, i am yours
i am nothing, without my faith in your hands
i stumble to the ground

broken and bloodied you hung on that cross

take heed o my child, eternity draws near

my earthly senses vanish like smoke, drifting up into
the air
breath escapes my lungs, never to enter again
my life flickers and is gone, like the wind upon a
time exists only in memory yet i am aware
the world and its cares fall behind me
i am seperated from flesh, but it is not the end.
at this my heart pounds and leaps from its place
i feel a warmth that i have never known surrounding and
comforting me
i am bathed in a radiant light pure and welcoming
the voices of angels resonate in every direction
as my visions clears i see not my earthly sh-ll, but a
new and perfect existence
and in this moment there is peace as i step forward
towards the open arms of my king.

where o death is your sting?
where o grave is your destruction?

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