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7 horns 7 eyes – phumis: the falsehood of affliction lyrics


did you think it was fruit that brought the fall
the deception of an outside hand
the decision of a malevolent god

this curse is not a curse
this legacy of sin
is all just a reaction
this bane of our humanity
is our humanity itself

blame the plague
fuel the detractors of the cure
if this is a curse from a god
then what morality is there in worship

this is us
there is no sin
there is only man
we can only hurt
we can only steal
we can only cheat
we can only k!ll
(when there is no celestial provider)

forsaken a benevolent creator
reaping what we have truly earned
we are not afflicted
we are merely on our own

there is no magic infecting your soul
there is only what you have done
we have hurt to survive
we have lied to reach respite
we are the consequences
of our human weakness
and our d-mnation is our own

- 7 horns 7 eyes lyrics

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