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7 method – face lyrics


i’m on my face before you
i see myself no more through
deceptive eyes of my flesh
everyday i’m put to the test
its a never ending battle
to hold together not come unraveled
but you see me in my sorrow
and you give me hope for tomorrow
and that’s why i’m confessin
your teaching me through lessons
of trials and tribulations
and problems that i’m facin
but when they get to heavy
your standing, waiting, ready
to lift them off my shoulders
and show me how you hold us
in the very palm of your hand
and your teachin me how to stand
but then sometimes i fall through
i’m on my face before you
i’m on my face before you (repeat)
on my face, on my face, on my face
i’m such a disgrace
on the ground, on the ground, don’t make a sound
just feel it comin’ down (repeat)
i’m on my face before you

i need your help to get through
one day without you in it
is like a race and i can’t win it
it’s like a tire without a wheel
it’s like a dealer without a deal
but i’m talking bout something real
how do i know, because i can feel
in me i can feel your spirit
and when you speak to me i can hear it
when i was weak you made me strong
when i was lost you brought me home
when i was blind you let me see
when i was bound you set me free
your comin’ back one day
to take us all away
then no more problems i’ll bear
cause there will be no sorrow there
but until then i’ll hold true
i’m on my face before you
take my house, take my car
i wanna be wherever you are
take my job, take my life
cause i have nothing to hide
take my heart, take m mind
take everything i leave it behind
take it all, i am through
i’m on my face before you

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