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7 method – inner-g lyrics


i double n-e-r dash g, g is for the g-o-d
i double n-e-r dash g, gotta feel the inner-g
gotta feel the inner-g, need to feel the inner-g
feel the inner-g
p-ss around the plate cause we’re takin’ up an offering
our crowds are always hyper and our beats are never
we have to p-ss along this inner-g because we can’t
contain it, it overflows within in thee
we’ve got our own style and you might have yours but
we’ve got the kind of style that’ll blow off doors
so listen to the sound as you come inside cause when
you’ve got the inner-g you come alive

the inner-g is in us so we’re rippin up the stage
there’s no discretion
race, s-x, or age
so tell us how you feel, hope you feel it too inner-g
in your life will make you feel brand new
we’re lighting up the mike just to keep you all hype,
all this inner-g has got us feeling alright
buckle up your belt cause we’re going for a ride, so
leave all your worries and your troubles outside
break it back down to a whole another level
we’re boomin with the b-ss and smokin with the treble
listen to the script cause we got what you need, it’s
spelled i double n-e-r dash g
so break it on down break it down another time, this
inner-g makes a person feel so fine
open up your heart and clear out a sp-ce, all this
inner-g is gonna sendyou to the right place.

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